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No Globe for Earth Hour

Mixed media snow globe

H12 x W12 x D12cm

Do The Green Thing and WWF approached Dorothy and 19 other designers and artists from around the world to produce an 'everyday object' of green inspiration for Earth Hour 2015.

Our No Globe subverts the idyllic tiny worlds that are usually found encased in snow globe ornaments. Its brightly lit village fed by the neighbouring coal-fired power station, presents an almost apocalyptic view of this idyll, a beautiful but unsettling reminding to conserve energy.

Other designers and artists providing green inspiration included: Ron Arad, Adam Claridge, Marion Deuchars, Simon Elvins, Eve Lloyd Knight, Freeman Lau, Hudson Powell, James Joyce, Yair Neuman, NousVous, Mac Premo, PPQ, Torsten Sherwood, David Shrigley, Kam Tang, Sophie Thomas, Kristina Tuura, Jessica May Underwood, Daniel Weil and Marina Willer.

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