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The Colour of Popular Music - Signed Limited Edition

5 colour litho print on 120gsm uncoated art paper

H100 x W70cm

The Colour of Popular Music features the names of 154 bands (and artists) with a colour in their title. From the obvious Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Blondie, King Crimson and The white Stripes to the more obscure (but not forgotten) Silver Apples, Black Flag, The Red House Painters, and The Green Telescope, plucked from the depth's of Phil's well thumbed vinyl collection. 
There's an A-Z key at the base of the print listing the featured bands and artists along with the years they were 'making music' together, or as individuals. 
Limited Edition signed and stamped litho prints cost £100 each plus P&P. The print run is limited to only 250 copies.

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£100 (plus P&P)