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  • Alternative Stamp Albums Vol 1 & 2
    Celebrating the very best of alternative music
  • Dorothy X British Music Experiencec
    NEW colour chart Inspired by the artwork of 35 iconic album covers
  • History of Hip-Hop
    Our bestselling Blueprint has been updated for Summer 2021
  • Dorothy X Moog
    Special edition Claravox print now shipping
  • Drop Day
    NEW print celebrating the history of the sneaker
  • NEW Rock and Roll Love
    Possibly our most crazily detailed Blueprint to date
  • Get Your Punk On
    With our six embroidered travel patches
  • From Coppola classics to Tarantino bloodbaths
    NEW collector's set of 'cult' calling cards
  • Dorothy Decks: Music Edition
    Play your cards right with our new playing cards featuring 54 songs
  • U.K and Ireland Song Map
    An insanely detailed map of the U.K and Ireland made up entirely from 1,400 song titles
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