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Dorothy's No Globe Disaster Movie

Posted by Ali Johnson on

Dorothy's No Globe Disaster Movie

We were asked by Do The Green Thing and WWF to produce an 'everyday object' of green inspiration for Earth Hour 2015. So we decided to 'recycle' an old idea and create a new apocalyptic 'No Globe' to encourage people to consume less. But things didn't first go to plan...

After surviving a bumpy ride down to Pentagram in London for the launch exhibition, the first globe exploded spectacularly (and rather prophetically). Luckily someone was on hand with a camera (and kitchen roll) to catch this disaster movie in glorious slow mo.

We mopped up and made another which joined 18 other Everyday objects from designers and artists from around the world. 

No Globe (as it was supposed to look) by Dorothy

Here are some of our other favourites:

Flat Cap Badge by Ron Arad


Born To Walk by Marion Deuchars


Bank Note by James Joyce


The Bucket Board by Mac Premo


Toptap by Yair Neuman


Photography credit: Pentagram

Thanks to Hannah and Naresh at Pentagram (and Do the Green Thing) for getting us involved. 

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