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Dorothy's FINAL Alternative Euro Dream Team Selection

Posted by Studio Staff on

Dorothy's FINAL Alternative Euro Dream Team Selection

Just like Roy, we’ve rested some big names and made at least 6 changes along the way but Dorothy's Alternative Euro 2016 Dream Team selection has now been made. And you can WIN one of five crazy unique prints!

A group of individuals made up from team-players, play-makers and mavericks who would grace any team in the world. From the safe pair of hands of Reni between the sticks at the back, to the midfield wizardry of Daft Punk and the uncompromising duo Mark E Smith and Morrissey up front.  

Alas there were so many talented players that didn't make the final cut... and so many that didn't even make the initial selection. Where's Arctic Monkeys? The Clash? Primal Scream? The Prodigy? The Libertines? I hear you cry…. let’s just say we're ‘resting' them for the next big match. 

We’re going to hang up the sheepy, stash the whiskey and take our last puff on the cigar...that’s us done for at least another year. 

UPDATE: Competition closed at midday on 28th June 2016. The five lucky winners are Mark Gahan, Moira Middens, Zoe Cotter-Morton, Neil Stocks and Peter Bromley


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