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History of House - Numbers 76-100

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History of House - Numbers 76-100

A handy guide from Liverpool Audio Network to the tracks behind artworks No. 76-100 in Neil Keating’s 100 Collective - History of House live art project.

#76 Generate Power (Wild Pitch Remix) / Photon Inc / 1991
“It’s The Blueprint of all proper house music IMO!” Track selected by Yousef

#77 The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles Piano Intro Mix) / Sounds of Blackness / 1991
Track selected by Shapeshifters

#78 Get get down / Paul Johnson / 1999
A classic house anthem known for its infectious groove, it solidified Paul Johnson's reputation in the house music scene and was released on Moody Recordings.

#79 Black Water / Octave One / 2000
This Detroit techno gem reflects Octave One's unique blend of soulful melodies and futuristic beats, released on 430 West Records, a label they co-founded.

#80 Sound of the Big Babou / Laurent Garnier / 1999
A fusion of techno and trance elements showcasing Garnier's versatility as a producer, released on F Communications.

#81 Woozy / Faithless / 2000
Faithless' blend of electronica and dance-pop, released on their own Cheeky Records, epitomizes their career in electronic music.

#82 Finally / Kings of Tomorrow / 2000
Sandy Rivera's soulful house anthem, released on Defected Records, continues to be celebrated for its uplifting vocals.

#83 Lizard / Mauro Picotto / 1999
A trance hit that catapulted Picotto to global acclaim, it was released on the BXR label.

#84 Digital Love / Daft Punk / 2001
Part of "Discovery," the track showcases Daft Punk's electronic-pop fusion and was released on Virgin Records.

#85 Wish I Didnt Miss You / Angie Stone / 2001
Although not strictly electronic, its use in house music has bridged genres, and it was released on J Records.

#86 Till Tears Do US Part / Heavens Cry / 2000
A trance anthem released on Bonzai Records, known for its euphoric melodies.

#87 Southern Sun / Paul Oakenfold / 2002
Featured in various media, it was released on Perfecto Records, contributing to Oakenfold's legendary status.

#88 Dexter / Ricardo Villalobos / 2003
A minimal techno masterpiece released on Playhouse, showcasing Villalobos' experimental approach.

#89 Rej / Âme / 2005
Deep and melodic house released on Innervisions, representing Âme's innovative style.

#90 Mouth to Mouth / Audion / 2006
A hypnotic techno track released on Spectral Sound, celebrated in the underground scene.

#91 Rain / Kerri Chandler / 1998
A house classic, this track showcases Kerri Chandler's talent for soulful and groove-driven productions. It was released on Nervous Records.

#92 On Off / Cirez D / 2009
Eric Prydz, under his Cirez D alias, delivers a dark and driving techno track that has become a favorite in the electronic dance community. It was released on Mouseville.

#93 We Magnify His Name / Floorplan / 2011
Floorplan, a project by Robert Hood, offers a spiritual and gospel-inspired house track that adds a unique dimension to electronic music. It was released on M-Plant.

#94 Let Me Show You Love (Gerd's Crooklyn Full Vox Mix) / Romanthony / 1994
Released in 1994 on Azuli Records, this house track, with Romanthony's distinctive vocals, is celebrated for its soulful and uplifting sound. Romanthony was an influential figure in the early house music scene and notably contributed to Daft Punk's "One More Time.” Track selected by Horse Meat Disco

#95 L'esperanza (Âme Remix) / Sven Vath / 2000
Originally released in 2000 on Virgin Records, Sven Väth's trance anthem was reimagined by Âme in 2003, adding a deep and melodic twist. This remix showcased Âme's talent for blending various electronic elements, contributing to their reputation in the underground scene.

#96 Is it all over my face / Loose Joints / 1980
"Is it all over my face" by Loose Joints: A classic disco track from 1980, it has been remixed and reinterpreted over the years. Notably, Larry Levan's remix at the Paradise Garage in New York City is considered legendary in dance music history.

#97 Domino / Oxia / 2006
"Domino" by Oxia: Released in 2006 on Kompakt Records, "Domino" is a staple of the minimal techno genre, celebrated for its hypnotic and repetitive nature. The track's impact extends to its frequent inclusion in DJ sets and techno compilations.

#98 On & On / Jesse Saunders / 1984
Jesse Saunders' "On & On," released in 1984, is considered one of the first house music tracks, helping establish the genre's foundations and becoming a seminal moment in the history of electronic dance music.

#99 Organ Belta / Jamie Roy / 2021
In Loving Memory of Jamie "Roy" Grierson for the vibrant colour he brought to the dancefloor and into the lives of all of us who knew and loved him. Track selected by Becky Rascal

#100 Popcorn (Enzo Margaglio Remix) / Gershon Kingsley /1969
"Popcorn" is an iconic electronic instrumental track originally composed in 1969. Enzo Margaglio's remix brings a modern twist to this classic, emphasizing its enduring influence on electronic music and pop culture.

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