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Stamp Albums: Special Offer Bundle - Post-Punk & Post-Rock

Stamp Albums: Special Offer Bundle - Post-Punk & Post-Rock

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Buy both the Post-Punk and Post-Rock print together as a bundle and save £10.

Dorothy’s NEW Stamp Album prints celebrate the bands and albums that define post-punk and post-rock, two genres that we have to thank for some of the most exciting and experimental music of the last 40 years.

The two prints feature 42 seminal albums reimagined as postage stamps (we can't resist a good 'post' pun). Each stamp features a graphic inspired in some way by the album (or tracks on the album), the date of release, the original label it was released on and its running length.

  • 4 colour litho prints with silver foil
  • 120gsm KeayKolour Snow White uncoated paper
  • H80 x W60cm
  • Bundle of two prints