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Inside Information: Apple Macintosh
Inside Information: Apple Macintosh Print

Inside Information: Apple Macintosh

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Now also available as a large format print

The Apple Macintosh (later know as the Macintosh 128k) was launched with an Orwell inspired commercial directed by Ridley Scott, and introduced to the world by Steve Jobs on 24th January 1984. It blew our tiny little minds and for many heralded the beginning of a lifelong love affair with all things Apple.

Dorothy’s cutaway print imagines the internal goings-on inside the original Apple Macintosh. Look closely at our miniature world to discover the hidden references to Apple (and popular culture) woven into the illustration, and discover what its tiny inhabitants get up to when they think no one is watching.

Concept and art direction by Dorothy and illustration by Malik Thomas.

  • 3 colour litho print
  • 120gsm uncoated art paper
  • H50 x W70cm
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