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Isolation Nation
Isolation Nation

Isolation Nation

We've unexpectedly found ourselves with some time on our hands so we've organised an online group exhibition to keep us and our creative friends productive during the coronavirus enforced 'sabbatical'.

We've invited a handful of freelance and self employed photographers, illustrators and designers we've worked in the past to supply images that respond to the theme 'Isolation Nation'.

Individuals can submit new images or existing ones. In return for allowing us to use their images we are paying an exhibition fee (before you ask ☺️), because just like businesses big and small, freelancers have bills to pay.  

We'll be adding more images over the coming days, weeks (months even) so if you like what you see click through to our instagram, facebook and twitter pages. Like the posts and give the creatives tagged in them a good old fashioned hug (I mean follow).

We will be selling a selection of images from the exhibition in our online store with a percentage of the sale going back to the individual - watch this space. 

Image credits: Mark McNulty, Pete Carr, Tracy Worrall, Mattia Bosio, Tim Ainsworth