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The Big Book Map Giveaway for Schools

Posted by Ali Johnson on

The Big Book Map Giveaway for Schools

On 22nd October we launched our Big Book Map Giveaway for schools. We were overwhelmed by the response to our campaign which saw 503 free Book Maps claimed by teachers in less than 14 hours. Unfortunately the giveaway is now closed but Book Maps (and other prints) are still available from our store for £25 plus P&P.

Dorothy's Book Map is made up from the titles of over 600 books from the history of English Literature (and a few classics from further afield) including timeless novels by the likes of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters, children’s favourites by Michael Morpurgo, JK Rowling and Suzanne Collins and classroom classics such as Mansfield Park, Wuthering Heights, The Grapes of Wrath and Animal Farm.

Our own love of books began in the classroom. We were taught by many inspirational teachers in our mispent youth, including the softly spoken, chain smoking, kipper-tied Mr Fosbrook whose infectious love of literature was surpassed only by his love for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Our Big Book Map Giveaway was our way of saying thanks to brilliant teachers just like Mr Fosbrook.

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