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Name of the Game

Posted by Ali Johnson on

Our Football Map is packed full of references to the beautiful game. Dorothy's Phil reveals his top four footballing greats we sneaked onto the map who were remembered more for what they did off the pitch than what they did on it.


"Stan Bowles, half genius, half clown, full time chancer. His play-making off the pitch more than matched than those on the pitch; drinking, betting, skirting with the criminal underworld (including a brief liaison with The Quality Street Gang) but his biggest achievement was bedding as many females as he could, whether they were single or not.

On the pitch he could turn the defence inside out (if he hadn’t frequented the pub the night before), off the pitch he could turn the opposite sex inside out. A stint on BBC’s Superstars saw him beaten by Formula 1’s James Hunt at running and then nearly accidentally shooting himself in the foot at the target range. He still holds the record with the lowest points (all seven of them) recorded, even beating dart supremo Jocky Wilson to the title. He was last seen being chased down the street by the husband of his latest conquest. 


Nobby Stiles, what he lacked in looks (and front teeth) he made up for in pure grit and determination. Partly responsible for England’s 1966 World Cup win and firm favorite at Old Trafford, Stiles is one of only three Englishmen along side Bobby Charlton and Ralph Coates to sport a comb-over and represent his country.


Jimmy Hill, best known for being presenter (and pundit) for over 600 appearances on Match Of The Day throughout the 1980’s, had a football career that spanned both player and manager over 20 years. But what really made Jimmy stand out (apart from his inappropriate remarks on MOTD) was his incredible chin, a spectacle that puts Brucie’s in the shade.


Probably football’s most colourful, yet unchampioned character is Peter Storey... his list of offences sound like a series of the Sweeney (it was a wonder that he didn’t get a guest appearance). His honours he achieved throughout his football career at Arsenal & England are over-shadowed by his illustrious criminal record which included running a brothel, counterfeiting, car theft and importing illegal pornography. He is quoted for saying, “Once a place becomes special, it’s no longer special”. If only we could find that special place." Phil Skegg - Inside Left at Dorothy

See if you can spot Peter Storey's 'special place' along with over 500 other references to the history of the beautiful game on our Football Map.

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