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Phil's Best of 2015

Posted by Studio Staff on

Phil's Best of 2015

It's time to start draining the booze cupboard of the leftover Advocaat, Cherry Brandy and Crème de Menthe. Which can only mean one thing...Christmas is over and it's time to crack open Phil's 'Best Of 2015' list.

* best served with cheese

Best Film: Love & Mercy


Best TV: The Jinx


Best Book (that I have kind of read): 1966: The Year The Decade Exploded by Jon Savage


Best Other Stuff Event: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (again)

- tickets for 2016 are available here

Best Things that I like/wish I had done 1: Missing Buildings: Tom & Beth Atkinson


Best Things that I like/wish I had done 2: Partrick Thistle Mascot by David Shrigley


Best Use of Balloons in a Photograph (always my favourite category): Christopher Mckenney


Best Video: Mayokero by Roy Kafri


Best Stocking Filler: Ladybird Books of Modern Living


Best Ad Campaign: Commuter Toolkit Poster by International Sustainability Institute


Best TV Ad: Edeka Xmas 


Best Billboard: Steve Albini & Oscar Powell Email


Best Logo: Paris For Peace by Jean Jullien


Best Effort by Someone I Know: In Loving Memory by Craig Oldham

- you can pre-order the second edition of the book here

Best Book About Apostrophes (and Best Thing By An Agency): Fucking Apostrophes by Simon Griffin/Hyperbolics/Music/The Griffin Knitting Circle/Matt's Second Hand Underwear Co. 

- you can buy the book here

Best T-Towel of 2015: (I wish I had done it)


Best Suggestion For A Xmas Party 2015: (that we didn't go on)


Phil's Best of 2016 will be available in...urm...2016

Disclaimer - Dorothy accepts no responsibilities for Phil's random selections. Any rants or ravings can be posted on our facebook page where they will most probably be ignored. 

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