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NOW That's What I Call Music '15 - Vol 1

Posted by Studio Staff on

NOW That's What I Call Music '15 - Vol 1

If you own one of our music prints and have ever wondered what type of noise we subject our own ears to, Phil's review of the best albums of 2015 might help.


Album Of The Year:Negative Feedback Resistor by Destruction Unit (Like Husker Du playing Barrett-era Pink Floyd - completely unlistenable)


How To Die In The North by BC Camplight


Distractions by Sauna Youth


Hinterland by Lonelady


Sexwitch by Sexwitch


Slurrup by Liam Hayes


Hypnophobia by Jacco Gardner

Primrose Green by Ryley Walker


Infinity Machines by Gnod


Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett


Undertow by Dredge


Goon by Tobias Jesso Jr.


The Lucid Dream by The Lucid Dream


The Sovereign Self by The Trembling Bells


Special Award For Best Album Cover Art:The Night Creeper by Uncle Acid

Special Award For Best Compilation:International Festival Of Psychedelia Presents PZYK Vol.1


Disclaimer - Dorothy accepts no responsibility for any feelings hurt or egos bruised. Any rants or ravings can be posted on our facebook page where they will most probably be ignored. 

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