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WIN Dorothy's Alternative Euro Dream Team

Posted by Ali Johnson on

A weird mash up where music and football meet in a Panini sandwich. Each day until 20th June we'll be revealing a new set of players to be considered for selection into Dorothy's Alternative Euro Dream Team. Enter our competition for a chance to win one of 5 unique prints. 

Dig out and re-purpose your half empty and slightly dog-eared 2014 FIFA World Cup sticker book and start collecting our music alternatives.

Follow our team's progress on our Boredroom Blog or by following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

On 23rd June we’ll be revealing which final 11 have made it into Dorothy's Alternative Dream Team. 

WIN! To win one of 5 unique prints of Dorothy’s FInal Alternative Dream Team Selection all you have to do is complete this short form >

* competition is open until midnight on 27th June.

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