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Round One - The Smiths

Posted by Studio Staff on

Round One - The Smiths

The first candidates for Dorothy's Alternative Euro Dream Team are local outfit The Smiths who are one of the Premier ‘Indie' League’s finest. With their big game experience, they bring a mixture of style and flair to the beautiful game. A potent force in anybody’s books, we are hoping to see great things from them over the next few weeks. 


Volatile centre forward who is known for bouts of genius and grouchiness in equal measure. Could out-wit the opposition with lightening pace and quick tongue.... on and off the pitch. 

Johnny Marr
Wonderfully gifted play-maker. Created the perfect partnership with Morrissey to make for one of the worlds greatest playing partnerships. Later transfered to play along other renown centre forwards without quite achieving the same dizzy heights.

Andy Rouke

The back-bone of the team, Rouke was instrumental in some of the teams finest performances. Was prone to go missing during some of the big games.

Mike Joyce

Safe pair of hands at the back. Often over-looked for his role in the team, Joyce played a pivotal role during the push for their epical 86 winning season.

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