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Round Two - Orange Juice

Posted by Studio Staff on

Round Two - Orange Juice

Next up for selection are the creative Scottish formation Orange Juice whose genuis-ness in affecting play must not be underestimated. Arguably not always given the recognition they truly deserve, we believe these unlikely underdogs could well be the surprise package of the tournament.

Edwyn Collins

Undisputed leader who along with Kirk was responsible for almost all of the teams creative output. As likely to send over a Byrdsian lick as a classic chic guitar chop. Collins captained his team to play way above their weight and defining a style of play imitated by hundreds and equalled by none.

James Kirk

Right hand man and partner to Captain Collins. Whilst Daly may lay claim to being the heartbeat of the team, Kirk had an equally strong claim on being the soul. An true eccentric character, the team was never the same once he’d moved on to pastures new.

David McClymont

Often referred to as the quiet one, he was the final piece in the teams jigsaw, joining the Collins, Kirk, Daly holy trinity. Progressive by nature his creative play was fundamental in the teams finest output. 

Steven Daly

After initial ambitions to be the front man of the team he found his niche as the heartbeat in the centre of the park. An essential component, intelligent and quick witted, entertaining on the pitch and in the press conference. His contribution to this team cannot be underestimated and was never the same without him. Later to find his home in America.

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* hats off to Phil's friend Robert Waters for lending his musical knowledge to this post


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