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Dorothy’s Record Club - Volume Three

Posted by Studio Staff on

Dorothy’s Record Club - Volume Three

Follow our Spotify playlist and every month you will receive 3 hand-picked album recommendations from Dorothy. Volume Three are three albums picked by the designer of our insanely detailed Blueprints, Jim.


Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (1991)
A total sonic masterpiece, I'm sure it sounds slightly different everytime I listen to it, or maybe I just find more? Totally mindblowingly fantastic.


Dorothy Record Club Midlake

Midlake - The Trails of Van Occupanter (2006)
Timeless songs, they build an incredible world that I don't understand but would love to visit. Still considering changing my name to Roscoe.


Dorothy Album Club Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs (2018)
Following two INCREDIBLE EPs, the debut album of Rolling Blackouts C.F. has been my soundtrack to the greatest summer I can remember. It's pure guitar perfection.

Tune in and and follow Dorothy's Record Club Spotify playlist for a monthly dose of music inspiration. Delivered straight to your home with no pesky obligation to buy ANYTHING. EVER.

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