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Neil Keating - 100 Collective History of House Track List

Posted by Studio Staff on

Neil Keating - 100 Collective History of House Track List

Neil Keating spent two weeks this autumn in our studio creating 100 original artworks live to a playlist of the 100 tracks that shaped house music.

Liverpool Audio Network, who curated the playlist have provided the following four handy guides to the 100 tracks selected for the project. Tracks are listed based on the number of the final artwork. Artworks were (with a handful of exceptions) created in chronological order of the tracks. 

In some cases tracks were submitted by music industry insiders (Fatboy Slim, Todd Terry, Barbara Tucker) in which case we have included their explanation for choosing the track.

The artworks sold out in a matter of hours. If you were lucky enough to buy one, use your number to find out more about the track your artwork is based on. 

Numbers 1 - 25
Numbers 26 - 50
Numbers 51 - 75
Numbers 76 - 100

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

Follow Neil Keating on Instagram here & Liverpool Audio Network here

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